Environmental Studies

  • Conducting Environmental & Social Impact Assessment "ESIA" Studies.
  • Assessing of Existing Environmental Condition "EEC" Studies.
  • Environmental and Social Assessment Report “ESAR”.
  • Providing Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Studies.
  • Environmental Surveys, Inspections & Audits.
  • Geographical Information System “GIS” utilization in Environmental Baseline Studies, Land use planning and remote sensing.
  • Air Dispersion Modeling.
  • Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and environmental health studies.
  • Toxicity Studies.
  • Developing Waste Management Plans.
  • Developing Environment Management Systems EMS ISO 14001.
  • Developing Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series ISO 45001.
  • Developing Quality Management Systems QMS ISO 9001.
  • Developing Food Safety Management System ISO 22000.
  • Developing Energy Management System ISO 50001.
  • Developing Documents for Lab Accreditation ISO 17025.
  • Establishing Projects' HSE Plans.
  • Conducting Hazard Identification "HAZID" Studies.
  • Conducting Hazard Analysis "HAZAN" Studies.
  • Conducting Hazard & Operability "HAZOP" Studies.
  • Conduction Quantitative Risk Assessment "QRA" Studies.
  • Conduction Health Hazard Risk Assessment "HHRA" Studies.