What is Miskan?

Miskan is a Kuwait-based firm that offers environmental and engineering services, all in the interest of creating and maintaining a more sustainable society. Our key members draw from a centurys worth of in-the-field experience to give our clients the most cost-effective and code-compliant solutions. + More


At Miskan, we provide integrated analysis and innovative business services in both the public and private sectors. We place a special emphasis on compliance evaluations and monitoring, field-related engineering consultations, and comprehensive analysis of business needs. Our dynamic and hard-working team includes engineers and consultants who are fully committed to optimizing client performance, and they will take on any new project with full-throttle enthusiasm and attention to detail.

Our firm refuses to compromise for any price, so we follow and uphold all Kuwaiti and international standards of environmental protection and worker safety. Our exceptional technical knowledge makes Miskan your ideal consultant choice, and you can count on us to prioritize safety and long-term profits above all else.

The name

Miskan borrows its name from a small, unpopulated island just south of Bubiyan Island. The only sign of life on Miskan is a lighthouse and the family who manages since the early 1900s, helping to direct ships through the Arabian Gulf and Kuwait Bay. The island is known for its untouched environment and the important role it plays in keeping Kuwait safe.

We made a commitment to do the same thing when we established Miskan Environmental & Engineering consultation and services. We understand the importance that the environment plays in our society, from the waters we sail and drink to the air we breathe and the plants we eat. At Miskan, we hope to serve our beloved country by guiding our clients to a business world with safer, more environmentally friendly profits.

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